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It is a cover up cream which hides the spots, dark circles, blemishes, spider veins etc. It is applied by our fingertips or by using concealer brush. Never rub it or wipe it.
Use of loose powder to set concealer under the eyes should not be done as this can stress lines around the eye area.
When concealer is used with the foundation then it should match with skin color.
It should cover the entire area under the eye. Moisturizer should be mixed with the concealer for dry and normal skin when applying under the eye area.

It is c creamy liquid which gives the skin an even color and texture. These are applied after moisturizers and eye creams.
These are available in different form like powder, cakes, liquids, emulsions, creams, and gels. They protect the skin against dirt, environment pollutants and wind.

Round face:
Dark make up should be done at the temples and around the lower face on round face.
Rectangular and square face:
Both these shapes are made as an accurate facial face by redefining the four corners with dark foundation.
Trapezoidal face:
The lower part should have dark foundation and light make up is used at the temple.
Oval face:
It needs shortening at the fore head and chin with dark foundation.
Triangular face:
This face needs dark foundation at the temples and the lower face needs to have light make up.

This is a highlighting color which is applied on the high edge of cheek bones and blended to create a natural looking blush on the cheeks. It adds color to your face.
o Take a small amount of blusher.
o Look in the mirror and smile.
o Sweep your blusher outward to widen your eyes from under the centre of eye. Then blend towards the temple .
For applying blusher different methods are there. For example: to emphasize the length of face apply blusher in a triangular shape. Starting at the temples and narrowing towards the centre of face will emphasize the cheek bones and shape your features.

Face powder is used to fix your make up base and it stops your skin from looking shiny. It makes the skin look soft and attractive. It helps to make all products stay at their place for a longer time. It absorbs the oil and make that areas subtle which are more prone to oiliness.

· Loose Powder
Loose powder softens contours. It is best to use in morning when you set your make up to make you feel fresh the whole day.
· Pressed powder/cake:
They are used for touching up the make up during the day. They give sharper, more clearer look. But be sure your hair does not fall on your face.

Eye shadow:
Eyes can be made noticeable by adding shadows to your lids in good manner. The most important point for eye make up is to keep proper cleanliness and hygiene otherwise it can lead to some infections of the eyes. Always use branded cosmetics.
They are available in various forms like sticks, gels, pencils, pressed powders and creams etc. The most commonly used are pressed powders. The cream shadows are best suited for dry lids because they are oil based and the gels are best suited for oily lids. The effect of eye shadows is not long lasting, but to get a better effect apply them with a wet brush.

Eye liners:
Liners are essential for defining the eyes. It is a soft smooth formula for sensitive eyes. They are used to make the eyes more prominent and to create an illusion of thicker lashes. They come in liquid form as well as in pencil form. Proper care should be taken for using liquid liners. Mineral eye liners can also be used to accentuate the outer area of the eyes. They can be used as wet or dry. Apply wet for a darker, more dramatic look and dry for a softer look that gives more subtle line

Eye mascara:
Mascara is a brush or liquid that coats the lashes, make them long, lustrous and attractive. It gives the finishing touch to your eyes. Even if you want light make up, then also apply mascara because it bring out the beauty of your eyes.
There are 3 kinds of mascara available in market which are:
Water based
Water proof
Mixed variety
Water based mascara are most commonly used as they dry up rapidly. Water proof mascaras are very popular and preferred. They are long lasting, smudge proof. They are difficult to remove. You must use cosmetic cleaner / cleansing milk to remove it. Mixed variety is combination of both water based and water proof mascaras. They are the latest type of mascaras. They dry up quickly and are water proof.

Lip pencil:
It is a pencil designed for lining, shaping your lips. It is a great help because if your lips are not shaped perfectly then your can make the lips thinner or fuller using the lip pencil. Lip pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that is prefect for lining the lips.

Lip stick:
Lip stick brightens and enhances your appearance. Lips are very sensitive part of the body, so only branded lipsticks should be used.
A good is that which moisturizes the lips and protects it from sun. Lips should be clean and dry so that lipstick stays lon

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