Sunday, June 7, 2009


The make up includes number of things like you should know about make up tools like concealer which is a cover up cream which hides the spots, dark circles, blemishes, spider veins etc.
It is applied by our fingertips or by using concealer brush.

It also includes foundation which is creamy liquid which gives the skin an even color and texture.
These are applied after moisturizers and eye creams.

Make up tools include blusher, powder, eye shadows, eye liners, eye mascara, lip pencil and lipstick. You should chose the make up tools correctly like for concealer the right color should be chosen nor it will not conceal the spots.

Foundation should be chosen according to the skin. It should suit your skin.

Blusher chosen should match the natural color of the cheeks. Face powder depends on the skin and complexion.

Eye shadow should be like that it enhances the eye color and shape of eye so the important thing is to choose right color.

Party make up includes bright lipstick, turquoise mascara, glitter
Polka-dot make up is a party make up which gives a stunning effect combining stylish black and white with polka dots.

Before the start of make up you should choose well lighted area.

All make up tools and products you need should be besides you.

Use a magnifying mirror to check smoothness and blending.

Lip make up should be in contrast with the face make up and your dress. You should choose a lip pencil that matches the shade of lipstick.

Choose a bit darker shade than the shade of lipstick.

Lipstick: They come in a variety of color. The color chosen must match not only with make up but also with the dress you are wearing.

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