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It is important that you know your skin type. You cannot select the cosmetic for your skin till you know the skin type.

There are five types of skin
Normal skin
Dry skin
Greasy or oily skin
Combinational skin
Sensitive skin

How to test your skin?
When you wake up in the morning wipe your face with a dry tissue. If the skin will be oily, then your tissue will become greasy.

If your skin is a combinational skin, then there will be grease only in the centre part of the face.

For normal skin, there will be no grease. If your skin is dry skin, then there will be flaky patches. And for the sensitive skin, it is very delicate and prone to allergies.

Normal skin
This is the best type of skin because it retains its freshness, attraction and flushes for a long time. It is a perfectly balanced skin and it is very rare that this kind of skin gets the disease. This is very smooth and velvety kind of skin and does not look puffy and shiny. This type of skin is neither dry nor greasy. The skin has a rose color to it and the color grows under the translucent surface. This type of skin rarely has pimples or acnes as it has well balanced oil and moisture level. This kind of skin does not have much problem but it needs sensible care and treatment.

Caring of normal skin
For normal skin, toning, daily cleansing and nourishing should be done. For this use a mild or balanced soap. Soft water should be used to wash the face daily. The hard tap water should be softened by adding little borax powder to it. Rinse the skin with clean water but do not rub too hard near the eyes as the skin here is very delicate. Before going to the bed you should remove your make-up. Rose water can also be used for cleansing and dabbing.

Dry skin
This is very delicate kind of skin and dry with a tendency of getting scales on the cheeks. This type of skin is highly susceptible to extremities of weather conditions. Strong perfumed skin care products are harmful for this type of skin. More exposure to sun, room heaters and air conditioners should is also harmful for this kind of skin. Wrinkles appear much faster on it rather on any other type of skin. You should have constant protection for this kind of skin as this skin lacks suppleness and gets hard after washing.

Caring of dry skin
Good moisturizer should be used for this type of skin and gently massage the skin. Massaging, toning and moisturizing with small quantities of oil and moisturizers should be done as a routine for preservation of the skin. The moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layer of the skin giving it a soft feel. Cream is much better than a lotion as it has more oil than water. You should be use a good nourishing cream at night before sleeping. You should avoid frequent washing of face as it not only removes the germs but also the natural oil with it, which protects the skin and also its elasticity. The cucumber juice which is a good toner for dry skin helps in moisturizing the pores. You should have a diet rich in vitamin A, B, C and D is good for dry skin.

Greasy or oily skin
This type of skin is thick, shiny or coarse. Pimples or dark shadows are maximum susceptible to this kind of skin. Proper care should be taken for such type of skin and the face should be washed frequently.

Caring of oily skin
You should use a good cleansing milk or unboiled milk to wash your face at night before going to sleep. You should drink 4 litres of water a day to have the skin clear of pimples and grease. Avoid the use of make-up until or unless you have to go for a party. It is necessary to steam the face once in a week to keep the oily face dry.

Combinational skin
This type of skin is a mixture of oily and dry skin. The forehead and the nose is greasy down the bridge in this type of skin. Oiliness makes a T-zone on the face. The rest of the face is either dry or normal. Sometimes the difference on the face of this two types of skin gets large and should be treated accordingly means the central part should be treated like a oily skin and the dry area should be treated like dry skin. A strong astringent should be used for oily areas and mild ones for the dry skin.

Caring of combinational skin
For washing your face you should use a cleansing milk at night or use a mild soap for washing or you can also use a rose based cream. You should use a mixture of curd and lime juice on your face and neck. Remove the excess lotion from the oily areas of the skin.

Sensitive skin
A sensitive skin has a fine texture with a tendency be much rosier than you think. This type of skin is very soft and prone to allergies. Factors like sunlight, cosmetic like strong perfume causes allergy and dermatitis. Even some natural fruits and vegetables are harmful for sensitive skin.

Caring of sensitive skin
Use milk to cleanse and moisturize with a solution of rose water and glycerine if no lotion or cream suits the skin. The perfumes and strong scented creams and lotion must be avoided for sensitive skin. Use of primrose oil and moisturizer should be used for this kind of skin as it hydrates and protects the skin.

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