Friday, June 5, 2009


Mother has always fretted teenage girls for excess using of cosmetic products.
But now, mothers can easy breathe for teen girls use cosmetics.
Teenage girls always look natural beauty and use little makeup for getting naturally glows of the skin.
They should remember keywords like subtle and soft during makeup.
One can use light shades in her makeup like shades of coral, gray, pink and neutral brown.

Teenage girls follow the following tips while doing makeup:

Teenage girl uses a concealer pencil, according to the skin tone for covering the area of skin from skin blemishes, dark circles, skin imperfections acnes and acne scars.

Girls can use a toothbrush for brush eyebrows into right place.
One uses eyeliner in soft gray for lining the eyelashes and blending them well.
One should apply one or two coats of mascara in brown shade. If someone has eyelashes in natural black color, one can use mascara in black color.
If one has a warm skin undertone, use only little amount of blush in peach color, but one with cool skin undertone, use blush in soft pink shade.
Always use lip color in natural shade or sheer gloss for getting soft nude look.
Use a foundation to skin that can clog the pores on the skin. Before apply concealer on the blemishes, avoid or minimize use an oil free moisturizer to make the skin soft, smooth and beautiful.
Always use light makeup for eyes, if one is going for sports and other outdoor activities.
Do not use sparkles and metallic for eye makeup
Use blush in light shades to the apple of the cheeks and then blend it well towards hairline.
Teenage girls should use lipstick in a light shade or natural shade. A lip-gloss is useful for the lips to get natural beauty.
One can use lip moisturizer that containing softness of beeswax and tea tree oil with the antiseptic qualities.
Before removing the makeup, teenage girls must be washed hands with a gentle antiseptic gel and leaves the hands from germ or bacteria. After cleaning the hands, use cleanser to clean the face.
Always remember that take an appropriate amount of cleanser to remove makeup. And then use a non-alcoholic toner or cold water on face. One can use moisturizer with beeswax to leave skin soft and pampered.
Keep in mind; exfoliate the face minimum one time per week with mask or scrub that contain all natural ingredients. Hence, makeup for teenager should keep natural and minimum and should increase the features.

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