Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hair is the crown of the body. It does not matter how beautiful you are if you neglect your hair.
Good hair care should be started at home. With proper care and attention you can restore its vitality and glossy sheen.
Brush your hair before washing so as to remove the tangles and surface dirt.

Tissue paper test

You can test the type of hair using tissue paper by following steps:
Use your shampoo a day before.
Take a tissue paper and press it on the centre of head and behind the ears. If there is oil on the tissue paper, it means you have oily hair otherwise your hair is dry.

Experts think that:

Dry skin people have dry hair.
Normal skin people have normal hair.
People with oily skin have oily hair.
People who have oily and dry ends have combinational hair.

Characteristics of different hair

Oily hair:

They looks good for day or two after shampooing, then after that they become greasy.
It has the problem of dandruff.
Their head looks dirty because hair cling to each other forming groups which looks unattractive.

Dry hair:

They look very dull and are very difficult to control after shampooing.
They break off easily
They have splits at the ends.
The head feels dry and itchy.

Combination hair:

It is a combination of both dry and oily hair.
The hair looks good after shampooing except the ends.
The hair near the head is greasy and the ends are dry.
By the time hair needs shampooing again, ends look quite good.
Ends are difficult to set smoothly, split and lighter in color than the roots

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