Monday, October 5, 2009


If your complexion is looking dull or tired, it’s time to reenergize your skin!

1. Start warming up that light complexion by taking a look at your strands. Is your hair color lighter (or as light as) your face? If so, go for some warmer low-lights, especially on strands that frame your face.

2. Swipe a light bronzing dust across cheeks and the tip of the nose. Believe it or not, bronzer really can be used on light skin. Tap the brush off first, and apply a shade that is just a few tones darker than your own (think sun-kissed, not tanning bed-fried).

3. Apply a pink lip gloss. Pink is a believable color on the lips of a light skinned woman, and it doesn't overpower the face when used with bronzer. Stick with glosses rather than matte finishes to keep the focus on great skin.

4. Go for grey or brown eye liner. Black liner can be a bit too harsh when the goal is to warm a washed out complexion, but some definition is key to keeping the eyes bright. Select grey or brown instead.

5. Apply a single coat of lengthening black mascara to make eyes pop against a freshly warmed, light canvas.

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