Monday, October 5, 2009


Foundation can be the best fix for uneven-looking skin tone caused by blotchiness, freckles and spot scars.

First apply your makeup along your jaw line to ensure the shade is right for you. Then blend it into the rest of your face using your fingertips or a sponge for a flawless, even look.

Mousse or cream formulas glide on easily and provide the medium-to-full coverage that is perfect for correcting the look of an uneven complexion.

Use Dream Matte Mousse Foundation for smooth coverage that blends effortlessly. Apply a yellow-toned concealer or spot apply foundation only on needed areas.

If you have hyperpigmented skin (dark spots and patches), apply a full coverage concealer, such as Cover Stick Corrector Concealer, then blend on a foundation in a shade lighter than your skin but darker than the concealed spot.

Some Hispanic and African-American women have lighter skin toward the center of the face and darker skin around the edge of the face down to the neck. To even out skin tone, you’ll need two foundations: a lighter foundation that matches the lighter part of your face and a darker foundation that matches the darker part of your face. Mix the two foundations, then apply the mixture over your entire face until you get an even-toned complexion.

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